Thursday, July 9, 2009

Now that the Appleseed Writing Project's 2009 Summer Institute is coming to a close, I asked this year's Teacher Consultants to give a short testimonial to the importance of their participation in the National Writing Project and discuss how this professional development might impact their teaching and perspective on teaching specifically writing in their area of expertise. This is what the 2009 TC's had to share.

"WoW! technology rocks! Technology folks! I did not know until today that there are so many possibilities and so many varieties in using technologies at schools: logs, Wikispaces, Flickr, Tag Gallery, wordle, blogs,...etc. Thanks, Barbara Kuntz."
---I. Kim

"The Writing Project was such a wonderful experience. I am now truly seeing the world through the eyes of a writer. The Summer Institute allowed me to work with talented, creative - just simple awesome colleagues! The students will be the beneficiaries."

“The Appleseed Writing Project has helped me develop as a writer, and I've been thinking about how that can look as incorporated in technology, too!”

“The food in San Antonio was beyond compare, but the food for thought was what truly filled my spirit.”

“Writing in my classroom will not be the same! It will be more student focused and student driven. I can't wait to bring back the writers' notebook, which I seem to have lost over the years!“

"Appleseed Writing Project has provided me with researched based strategies that I know will bring success to my students."

“My teaching will never be the same. I believe that I am just as important as the English teacher in modeling and teaching using writing. I know I will be a better teacher because of the institute.”

“I have come to appreciate the power of writing and how it can change people's lives. The technology that is at our disposal now is really helpful and makes our life easier, richer, and more creative.”

”I think the technology presentation gave me a few more resources to use with the techno savvy students that I work with every day. The AWP has really opened my eyes to the ideas that will work with my students on an everyday basis.”

”Technology in writing can create a sense of power for the student in the modern classroom. It allows them to connect on a level they are comfortable with and find themselves proficient.”

"I think blogs and wikis are much more interesting than typical school web pages. They add an interactive element. Seems a little more 'democratic'."
Nathan A

“The technology that we were shown was really great because I really didn't know about some of the programs. I really liked the wordle website. The AWP has helped grow my knowledge about writing. I enjoyed sharing my writing and hearing everyone share their writing. The demos helped me think about teaching writing in several areas of my day with my students.”

“Writing is powerful! I enjoyed refreshing my knowledge of the reading writing connection. Writing helps everyone solidify their thoughts.”

“As a writer, I feel that I am still a child, but at least I have been born. Before the project, unless it was research, which I love, I did not enjoy writing. I am beginning to find a voice, and that I appreciate. I consider myself fairly technologically diverse. I do not know many programs, but I learn quickly and naturally. I enjoyed learning about wordle is possibly the coolest bit of technology I have seen in a while. Thank you!"
Amanda DeBaillie

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