Sunday, February 1, 2009

Food for the Soul

The River Walk in beautiful San Antonio, Texas was a festive sight for the soul. It is a unique blend of culture and textures. Experiencing bright colorful foods, sounds, and people at the 2008 National Writing Project Conference was a blessing worth sharing. This year I joined several other NWP technology liaisons to take a photo/writing marathon. We brought along our digital cameras to take interesting pictures and wrote about life experiences. The photo above was taken at the first meal I shared with fellow writers from the Appleseed Writing Project. I knew that keeping my digital camera in hand would provide a visual account of this wonderful experience.
Consider taking photos of everyday life to build motivation for writing rich experiences. The photo above gives me a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure mixed with color and excitement. The flavor was magnificent!
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Experience another new interactive tool online at . Kevin, a fellow technology explorer, is always introducing me to new online tools. Although I don't explore as much as he does, I love to spread the word. I look forward to using this tool with some of my students.