Monday, July 7, 2008

National Writing Project

Visual Poetry -

I deeply value the professional development opportunities I have gained by becoming a member of the National Writing Project. The previous post, A Day in a Sentence, is a collaborative writing activity conceived by my colleague and fellow NWP technology liaison, Kevin Hodgson. I was honored with the privilege to host A Day in a Sentence this past week. As I reflect on this experience, I am reminded of opportunities provided to me as a member of a much larger community, the National Writing Project. This government supported organization thrives on the revelation that teachers who teach other teachers will effectively develop writing instruction in our schools by becoming better writers. By immersing oneself in the practices needed to be effective mentors, teachers write volumes for varied audiences and purposes from self and/or the person sitting next to them in the summer institute to posting on the World Wide Web. Our moto this summer was "trust the process." Like art, writing can get messy and jumbled at times. After refining technique and shoring up the rough edges, one can effectively express one's perspective in general or specific terms to create a clear image for a desired audience. It is a great feeling to be so empowered!

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