Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day in a Sentence (or two)

I am very pleased and privileged to be a member of a group of “digital explorers” formed by electronic leader and National Writing Project colleague Kevin Hodgson, technology liaison for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project. I am honored to be the guest host for this week’s collaborative writing activity, Day in a sentence.
As I was preparing to post this call for writing, I jumped over to Kevin’s Meandering Mind to find a very interesting new tool. I thought it would be great if you would consider adding a photo or snapshot to reinforce your sentence. If you do not have a photo, it is still perfectly fine to post your written sentence the words alone. Since I am a visual arts teacher, I love to see visual representations whenever possible. Check out Kevin’s posting for TagGalaxy as well. It is an amazing visual display.
The Technology Focus Group Blog was initiated to document evidence of professional development. Our writing inquiry was based on the use of online resources and digital media to research exciting, innovative writing practices that we could use in the classroom.
I hope you will join us this week by sharing your “week in a sentence” or your “day in a sentence.” Post your “day or week in a sentence (or two)” by leaving a comment under this post. I will gather then throughout the week and release them to the world on Sunday.

As a sidebar, if you have an image to share, you may have to send it to me separately from the post. I am not sure if you can post an image on the comment section here. Just e-mail the image to barbkuntz at comcast. net. Please remind me of your name and post.
I will happily display the image with the post.
Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration with us!

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