Sunday, July 8, 2007

Professional Development

I recently completed a segment for an ABC Movie Project conceived by Kevin Hodgson. Kevin is the technology liaison for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project of the National Writing Project.
If you are interested in the collaborative efforts of some the technology liaisons of National Writing Project, from across the United States, click on the following link to view the Master Page for the collaborative on-line ABC Movie project.
Kevin and Bonnie Kaplan offered an opportunity to join this experimental on-line project to the NWP technology liaisons. I was interested in learning how to make a digital story. I must admit, my understanding of a digital story was not what I thought it be. I figured that I would just take some video with a camcorder and load it to the computer and them upload it to the Internet. It wasn't that simple and I quickly realized that I did not know how to accomplish my segment of the project. I had to do some creative problem solving to get it accomplished.
The following link will take you to my segment of the ABC Movie Project titled "Little T" for Technology, I hope you enjoy our collaborative efforts. I learned a great deal from this project.


Dogtrax said...

Bonnie and I were both very happy that you stuck with it and that you crafted such a great story. I think it struck home with a lot people.

Thank you for contributing to the project.


Tech Geek said...

Thank you for being so patient with me. It was a very valuable opportunity and I learned a great deal.