Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Technology Reflections

I am a public school Elem. Art teacher. I have one computer in my classroom and have had very little training in computer technology. I used a Mac for years and felt comfortable with it. My school corporation decided that all new computers being issued were going to be PC. I did not know anything about programs on a PC. I panicked.
I had the opportunity to be a part of a technology focus group which met once a month for 5 months. Goals were established and each month questions were asked about technology mechanics that we wanted to answer. Our sessions focused on different topics each month.
I think back on these many months and have some comments to say. I found out from this experience that not only am I a visual learner but I also have to take notes on procedures as I see them being done. My advice to anyone that is a visual learner is to definately take notes so you can go back and follow the steps to successfully run computer technology programs. I did learn some Excel procedures which helped me set up a grade sheet for my different classes. I also confirmed the fact that I am a beginning learner for PC programs and it was hard to have our teacher teach at a faster pace than I could keep up with. I was reminded of my own teaching in the classroom that I have to try to hit that medium paced range of instruction so that I can help those that are behind and further those that are ahead. I do think that by participating in this focus group I was exposed to many new things in a smaller setting. I only wish that could be the case at my school on a regular basis.

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