Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In the Beginning

I am happy to say that we have spent the last five months asking technology questions that apply to our collective classrooms in regards to teaching writing to students. You have to learn the "how to"s before you can teach them to someone else. This has given us a chance to develop some technology tools that are being used during the summer institute for the Appleseed Writing Project in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am certain that I have learned a great deal by being the leader of the first Technology Focus Group. I get very excited when I have an opportunity to learn new technology skills. I held my first two video conferences this year. I provided technical support for two of my colleagues who held video conferences with teachers from Texas in March of this year. Through the process of meeting with our technology focus group, we collectively created a Google document. While we realized that it was a fantastic tool, we found it was not the right tool for blogging for the summer institute. In February, I set up my first private blog that is being used for the summer institute. This is our public blog for teachers who are interested in discussing technology. I am certain that there will be others who would like to pose technology questions that are nagging at them as educators. I look forward to those future adventures where we will have a chance to discuss more technology questions at the heart of teaching students.

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